Vinyl Floors for home & leisure

Vinyl flooring

A perfect choice for your homes because it is incredibly durable and resistant to dirt and damage so it will withstand the pressures of daily life with ease.

In recent years technological advancements have seen a great number of improvements in vinyl linoleum in terms of both style and durability, making this product more popular than ever.
Most vinyls are now available at ‘R10 slip resistant’ rated for that extra peace of mind

As with all floors it is essential that the correct maintenance steps are followed to keep your floor at its best as well as prolonging the life of the product.
Fortunately, it is very easy to ensure proper maintenance of vinyl flooring. While other floor styles require lengthy maintenance routines or expensive cleaning products all that is needed to clean your new vinyl flooring is a soap solution with warm water and damp soft cloth.

This simple step in regular upkeep will prevent the build-up of dirt and grime, ensuring that you will have great looking flooring for years to come.