At Oakwell Flooring we’ve got it all covered, click on the names of flooring or picture to see a detailed overview:

Wooden Floors

No other kind of floor offers the same durability as hardwood flooring. Like anything worthwhile, if the floor is well looked after, it can be enjoyed for generations.


Carpets are an essential addition to any home décor and are the warmest and most comfortable type of flooring available.

Vinyl Flooring

A perfect choice for your homes because it is incredibly durable and resistant to dirt and damage so it will withstand the pressures of daily life with ease.

Laminate  Flooring

Laminate flooring offers the hard-wearing benefits of synthetic materials combined with a natural appearance, with designs available that mimic the appearance of wood.


We stock in excess of 200 rugs in varying sizes and different qualities.

We can also order rugs in various designs and sizes.

Carpet Remnants

We always have carpet remnants available and you’ll find these at superbly low prices.

ACG Members

We are also proud member of ACG which means we buy at the best prices and pass the saving onto you!